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To help take the edge off, we compiled a list of late-model vehicles that we feel have a good shot of becoming classics in every sense of the term. And remember—the best part about owning any car is driving it. If a return on your investment is your primary goal, consider a stamp collection. The 1-series M Coupe was the scrappiest runt of the litter, a true skunkworks project that was only supposed to produce fewer than copies worldwide for just one model year, BMW ended up building more than cars, of which came stateside armed with enormous fender flares and dealer markups.

Very few people ever sat in one, although we were lucky enough to pilot Valencia Orange examples twice including for a comparison test. The market has spoken.

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The 1M—not to be confused with the almighty mid-engined M1 supercar of three decades earlier—is not a pretty sight. But the 1M is straight-up fun. With its brakes, wheels, suspension and rear diff swiped from the E92 M3 and a hp twin-turbo straight-six from the is tuned for 15 more horsepower here , the short-wheelbase rear-wheel-drive 1M dives for apexes and powers out of corners with ferocity.

Orange, white, and black were the only colors. Just look at it in all of its lane-hogging glory! As the first true high-performance off-road truck with a factory warranty, the Raptor was an instant hit upon its debut for —airborne press photos and conquering the Baja desert race will do that—and its popularity steadily increased over its four-year production run.

Initial versions came only in extended-cab guise with a meager 5. Later trucks also gained Torsen front differentials, bead-lock wheels, and front-facing cameras for even greater capability off-road. While those latter examples, including the special-edition model , are some of the most coveted, all Raptors excel in the rough stuff. As some of the most unique creations to ever emerge from Dearborn, you can bet savvy collectors are already scoping out clean examples to stow away for the future.

But turbos be damned, 4. So what if the C-class coupes and sedans in which the engine was placed were never more than merely okay as luxury cars?

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The M turned them into some of the most lustworthy performance cars of their time. Oh yeah, and they sound damn fantastic. In , that day came. The R35 GT-R was all of the hype. The 3. Instead, dyno tests revealed it to be considerably higher than Zero to 60 mph?

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Nearly 1. Braking from 70 to 0 in feet. It sure felt like a game. There were major problems. Nissan eventually settled a class-action lawsuit in and gave owners a free transmisison-software upgrade.

But this is an attainable supercar that makes average drivers look incredible on a track and can still attack back roads despite its two-ton heft. If only we had enough credits to buy one. We Yanks got in under the wire. The Honda S, named for its initial cc engine displacement, is among the best driver's cars ever built, and it is powered by one of the greatest engines of all time. The S also was named to our annual 10Best Cars list four times. When the car launched, the 2. On top of that, the six-speed manual—the only transmission ever offered—is self-shifting perfection.

The chassis was honed to samurai sharpness in the track-oriented CR model introduced for A thorough revision for saw the engine get a bump in displacement to 2. All of this to say that the S was and remains a mind-blowing and revelatory machine, a car to be coveted now and forever in any of its forms.

Hearts are aflutter over the current Cayman GT4 , a track-focused bruiser bearing the 3. The differences between the R and the Cayman S? The hottest droptop version, the Boxster Spyder , came with a frustrating manual top. When car collectors gather in , we fully expect the Mustang and Camaro guys to continue the longstanding tradition of showing up with perfectly detailed rides and setting up shop front and center. Future Saab collectors? Not so much. Ushered in just as Spyker arrived to relieve General Motors of the responsibility, the last was the final Saab to wear the nameplate with a shred of genuine Saab DNA intact.

The wraparound windshield, blacked-out A- and B-pillars, semi-fastback styling, and Saab —influenced interior all worked to preserve the identity of the brand, despite its humble and definitely not Swedish GM Epsilon underpinnings. After all, how many of us would have bought a DeLorean—or a Tucker, for that matter—at a fire-sale price if you knew how beloved they would become in the future? Thought so. Far less common than the Chevrolet Corvette and far less refined than pretty much anything this side of a dump truck, the Dodge Viper occupies a unique place in the annals of fast-car history.

The time period in question here—from through —spans two generations of Viper. The fifth-generation, coupe-only Viper debuted after a two-year hiatus, its parent company having paid back the American and Canadian governments billions of dollars in bailout loans and the car having been heavily revised and now sporting the legally required stability control, plus just a bit more refinement. That dalliance was short-lived, however, as the serpent returned to the Dodge fold for No matter what era, whether from the early s or , the V—powered Viper is not for the faint of heart.

But as personal vehicles evolve toward autonomy, cars like the very mechanical, very demanding Viper will stand as a special kind of raw, American throwback. And the last in the noble line of production rotary-powered vehicles is the Mazda RX And, oh yeah, the RX-8 had a set of rear-hinged doors behind the regular doors for access to the— gasp! The easier-going RX-8 was impressive enough that Car and Driver named it a 10Best Cars winner for , , and More muscular coupes may walk away from the RX-8 on straightaways, but the tables turn in the twisties.

But as Mazda concentrated on other products and let rotary development go fallow, the RX-8 became something of an orphan. And by the time it left production in , it was selling in microscopic numbers.

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It seemed certain that there would likely never be another Wankel-powered vehicle in production. So, maybe not. The GT itself is an utter bad-ass, of course, powered by a screaming 5. The Pontiac Solstice was the star of the Detroit auto show , heralding the arrival at GM of car-guy savior Bob Lutz only a few months before.

It was shown both in coupe and roadster form, both fetching bits of sculpture from the pen of the talented Franz von Holzhausen who would go on to Mazda and then Tesla. The roadster went into production in late on a dedicated, rear-wheel-drive platform that later birthed a sibling for Saturn, the Sky. The base car came with a hp 2. With a five-speed manual, we clocked a 5. Parting Out! Review a complete description on our website or simply chat with us for more details.

Browse pictures and detailed information about the great selection of new cars, trucks, and SUVs in the Morrie's Auto Group online inventory.

Even those functions have worked for me every time without any further synchronization. Search over 3, listings to find the best Philadelphia, PA deals. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and new car classifieds. With printed pages in hand, he was able to get me driving to music once again. Pre Mercedes cars and parts for sale and wanted.

In recent years, Mercedes has transitioned to a more consistent naming convention for its vehicles. Hard top convertible with impeccable operation, still looks and drives like new. Fix up your vehicle with our high-quality auto parts! We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyse site traffic, personalise content, and serve targeted ads. The Mercedes-Benz SL-Class has grown and evolved, from rounded roadster to s icon to today's athletic shape.

Super clean SL Sport with just 3 owner history and 34, actual miles! It's always been a two-door, but now there are many two-doors in the Mercedes range The synchronization is more for the doors, windows, unlock function. Very clean with all maintenance records up to date.

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By using our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Our dealership gladly serves our customers in Owings Mills, Baltimore, Westminster, and all surrounding areas. Dawdle around town, or use only the first two inches of throttle pedal travel, and the SL is as The creation of digital iOS electronics is changing the face of music. Mercedes-Benz SL Grilles. Are you in the market for a new car stereo receiver? Maybe you want more features, or you want to replace that factory stereo that came with your car.

See details on our used Mercedes-Benz SL OR Remember Me? See Help for stereo removal, installation, replacement, repair and more. Mercedes-Benz of Akron.

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We'd like to take that Mercedes-Benz off your hands. Visit a store near you to shop for your car, truck or SUV tires today! Smartlight SL 2 channel power amplifier. Steve called me the next day just to check that the repair was good.