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At that point, you need to give written permission for people to see your medical records — even your parents. Medical records can be confusing for people who aren't trained to read them. That's especially true for test results or images like X-rays and MRIs. Something that can look scary might be nothing to worry about.

So if you do look at your records on your own, keep that in mind. Talk to your health care provider if you have questions. To get your records, start by figuring out who has the information you want. If it's dental information, get in touch with your dentist's office. If it's a general health issue, you'll probably want to talk to your family doctor. Some might ask you to fill out an authorization form. If so, you'll want to be ready with information like this:. A health care provider's office might charge a fee to cover the cost of having someone make copies.

You'll probably have to pay mailing costs to have the records sent to you or another doctor if you won't pick them up in person. Be sure you understand what's included in your request for medical records. If you check "all records," you'll end up with crates and crates of paper and expense! Some offices offer an "abstract" with the last few years of office visit notes.

Your Medical Records

That way, only the most recent, relevant information is compiled and sent. The law gives health care providers up to 30 days to provide copies of medical records. But almost all health care organizations supply records much faster than that. Most people get their non-critical care records within 5 to 10 business days. If records are needed faster — like when a patient needs medical treatment — the health care provider holding the records usually releases them right away.

If you need to get records for non-emergency situations like switching to a new doctor , it's best to give lots of notice.

Let the medical provider who has your records know that you'd like copies a few weeks ahead of any visits with your new health care provider. Health care providers can say no to requests for records — but it almost never happens.

Parents Tell Their Kids A Long-Held Secret

When it does, it's because a doctor's office is trying to protect a patient's privacy or safety. For example, they may say no to sharing information if they're not sure the person asking for the records has a right to see them. Or they may not release records if they think it will lead to a patient being harmed. If health care providers deny access to records, they must give the reasons why in writing within 30 days. If any request for medical information is denied, a patient has the right to ask for the decision to be reviewed again.

Your doctor's office will explain how they handle changes to your records and what you need to do to request a change.

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The law gives health care providers 60 days to make a change or deny the request. Your information can be used and shared with the following people or groups, when needed:. Parents have access to their kid's medical records until the child is However, many states now leave it up to doctors to decide if they tell parents some information — like about sex or drug use, for example. The law also states that parents can no longer see a teen's medical records if they've agreed the child can see a doctor confidentially.

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Most hospitals or doctors make every effort to protect patients' privacy when it comes to the sensitive information in their medical records. Sometimes a health care provider will feel that it's not in a teen's best interest to give information to parents, even when a child is younger than Mum or dad may be too upset to answer all your questions at once, so try to be a bit patient if you can. Remember - your parents are the grown ups and they know best how to care for themselves. You can help them best by saying what is worrying you and what you need to help you feel better.

In Australia the Family Law Act is about making sure that any decisions that are made are in the best interest of the child - of you!

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Maybe it is your friend whose parents are separating. Try to be a good listener and a good friend. Remember that good friends don't tell other people their friend's secrets unless they really need to, because the friend is in trouble or something bad is happening to them. You may need to be very understanding if your friend is not her usual self.

Applying for access to someone else's health records

It can take a long time to feel better if your parents are splitting up. Choose carefully who you talk to.

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  7. Some kids feel better after talking to a school counsellor or social worker who is trained to talk with people about their problems. You can ask your teacher if you'd like to do this. Look in the library for any books about divorce that were written for kids. They may help you to understand what is happening. Grieving is feeling sad because you have lost something - such as the way you used to live as a family. Remember to Talk, Share, Remember and Live your life.

    Sometimes one parent will feel very upset and will want to ask lots of questions about the other. If you start to feel like 'Superspy' then it's time to say how you are feeling. You can say that you don't want to carry messages or information between your parents. Divorce happens in one out of three marriages, so you are not going to be the only kid in this situation. Others will understand how you feel. Some time in the future, one or both of your parents may find a new partner and decide to marry or live with a new partner again. You may even find yourself with a whole lot more 'brothers and sisters' as well as a new parent.

    It probably won't be easy at first, but if you can talk about your feelings and worries and try to work out your problems with your parents and their new partners, then you could end up being a happy part of two families! If you are worried, talk to someone who can help you. Remember that your parents have divorced each other, they haven't divorced you. Parents are parents forever. A young person sent us this message by using our Feedback button.

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    I just wanted to send in my story My dad died 9 months ago.. I really miss him. My mom and dad broke up when I was really young. But I was still really close to him.

    Refused request

    Now my mom and step dad are getting a divorce. Right now is a really hard time. Thank you for sharing your story, and your thoughts and feelings with us. If you have sad, confused or angry feelings and worries, talk with your trusted adults, or in Australia you could call the Kid's Helpline 55 free call. We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy.

    However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up. Questions that kids often ask After the separation What next? Parents are human and they are hurting too. So this could be a stressful time for all of you. If your parents separate, you might feel: sad - because of all the things you used to do that have to change. It can take a long time for you to stop feeling sad sometimes, even if you feel happy at other times.