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Harris County was named for John Richardson Harris, who first arrived in this area in He settled on land at the junction of Bray's and Buffalo bayous now a part of Houston. In the city of Harrisburg was laid out. On December 30, , the General Council created the Harrisburg Municipality and designated the town as the seat of its government.

This was the deciding battle of the war between what would become the Republic of Texas and Mexico. In the name of the area was changed to Harrisburg County. In the name was again changed to Harris County. Today, Harris County is a vibrant part of the 10th largest metropolitan statistical area seven counties in the US with 3.

Houston, the largest city in the area and fourth largest city in the U. Its port is the second busiest in the country. Fifty-eight foreign governments maintain consular offices in Houston; the fifth largest consular corps in the nation.

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Houston is home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world. The 14 hospitals in the complex are world leaders in cancer and heart research. Houston is the energy capital of the U. All space flights are controlled from the Johnson Space Center, south of Houston.

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Houston is a major cultural center and one of a handful of U. There are ten colleges and universities and 36 museums in Harris County. The Houston Public Library system is one of the largest in the country and the Clayton Center for Genealogical Research, with one of the premier collections of genealogy materials in the nation, is a part of that library system.

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  • Texans are waiting for birth and death certificates amid health agency understaffing.
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Harris County has 41 cities, many of which have libraries with genealogy materials. Harris County is an active place for genealogists with many active genealogical societies.

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    Birth and Death Records

    Note that for subscribing to the list digest, you will need to visit the administration page. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. The Texas Public Information Act is designed to give the public access to records in the possession of public agencies. A public records request is a request to either inspect or copy or both, public records pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act ACT which gives the public the right to request access to government information. The ACT is triggered when a person submits a written request.

    The request must include information that will allow the governmental agency opportunity to contact the requestor to ask questions about the request in order to respond to the request fully and in a timely manner, and the request must be clear enough to enable the City to conduct a meaningful search.

    There are several steps that take place before a death certificate reaches a family.

    The agency then releases death certificates to local registrars. Several factors can affect how long it takes the state to process a death certificate, including when and where the person died and if autopsy results need to be added.

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    The department receives death certificate orders per day. Anton said the agency "has no control" over how long it takes for medical certifiers to complete their parts of death certificates and that once they do, it takes time to process, print and ship the orders securely. Funeral directors and family members can go to the local registrar in the county where the death occurred or to the agency's main office in Austin and leave with a registered copy of the death certificate four hours after the funeral director sends the death record if they need it quickly.

    His funeral home performs services a year and has done 52 funerals this year. He is waiting on 11 death certificates. That means frustrated families and delayed payments. Anton said that the agency anticipated problems with the new system. She pointed out that the agency held training sessions prior to the launch, scheduled daily conference calls and webinars in January and February, and has a web page with user guides and video tutorials.

    What is a Public Records Request?

    The department has 61 employees to process what it projects will be 2. The department's goal is to take two or three weeks to process requests instead of five. The department's understaffing is a key factor in the backlog of birth records. Staffers who typically process birth records for hospitals were able to familiarize themselves with TxEVER faster because of the volume of records they usually deal with, according to Anton.

    Texas parents are not required to order birth certificates immediately after a child is born and can order one online at any point. There is not a significant delay for birth certificates. Amendments to birth certificates take longer to process, and it's now taking the agency nearly three months to do so, down from six months in early