People say i look like a model

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Aw yes I love how when I turn degrees my eyes go from dark brown to seafoam green--magical. If your gonna edit your eyes at least make sure they're not crossed eyed. She has pretty blue eyes but in some episodes her eyes were so dilated you couldn't even tell they were blue. I assume cocaine On another note, is it really possible to change your eye color with filtering apps?

Is anyone happy about the features they were born with anymore? She's come up on here before, her real eyes are like a dark, hazel-y green. No idea about apps, but she pulls the ends up to give herself the Bella Hadid look too. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

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These women are healthy! And normal! They are different shapes and sizes and that is awesome because none of us are the same, nor need to be the same. Get the best stuff ever. This is a great look at what is required abnormal behaviors to look abnormal.

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Because that is what it is—abnormal. Thanks Susie- wonderfully said! This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to be in this post. Thanks so much for featuring me. That pic is the first time I had worn a swimsuit in over a decade.

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Thanks for this post! I think it will give me courage to wear a swimsuit this summer without feeling the need to wear shorts over it. Even though I live a Healthy lifestyle, I still have major body issues!

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I really enjoyed this post. Wow… this is great. I totally agree with everything you said. Thank you. This is such a great post and an obviously very practical reminder of what it takes to look like the images of perfection that we see and compare ourselves with. My job is to enjoy life…so I enjoy every bite of food I consume and keep it balanced with everything else I do outside from trail running to snowboarding!

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How a Love Island contestant’s fake bump exposed the truth about maternity-wear modelling

Once you get a job, the indignities are fairly minor. You could need to be on set pre-dawn, or stay there until the middle of the night, wear wool coats in the summer heat or frolic in swimsuits on wintery beaches while holding challenging poses — oh no! But there is an undercurrent of total depersonalization in a lot of the work, and that irks.

In its least harmful form, you'll find yourself getting stuck with pins doth not a model bleed In its more harmful manifestations, you get situations like this week's Marc Bouwer show, where powerful stage lights over the runway actually caused burns to models' skin and eyes.

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Apparently nobody foresaw the danger, or thought to intervene. I fucking wish! I'm in this for the travel and the experience. I grew up poring over mags like The Face and Nylon at the library; how could I not be thrilled to meet designers, and see their collections months before the public?

The jobs you hear about are the hundred-grand photo campaigns for Victoria's Secret or million-dollar commercial shoot for a skin care line in Japan.

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But you can spend all day posing for one half-page photo in American Vogue and wind up, after agency commission, with fifty bucks. Which is all well and good until you have to pay the heating bill. It's practically homework for us to study ourselves in the mirror, trying to memorize our angles for incorporation into future poses.

But I often think of something Margaret Atwood wrote about women, mirrors, and vanitas paintings in The Blind Assassin. She said Western culture tends to confuse vanity with the search for flaws. I've never actually seen anyone do coke on the job. But yeah, I've been offered coke more times than I care to remember at parties. I've never actually indulged. It would be really easy to just quote a few quick examples to debunk this myth — models like molecular biology M. Sunniva, Eamonn, who has a law degree and has been accepted into Cambridge's art history program, fellow Cambridge acceptee Lily Cole, Estonian National chess team president Carmen Kass and genuine World-of-Warcraft computer geek Rachel Clark come to mind — but that would belie just exactly how annoying this particular stereotype can be.

Models aren't a particularly educated bunch. The industry does everything in its power to prevent you from completing high school, much less college — and a lot of girls, coming from abject poverty and whatnot, are complicit.

This is a Lifelike Model of What Scientists Say Office Workers Will Look Like in 20 years

But uneducated does not equal dumb. The amount of traveling alone that models must do tends to make them more curious, independent and emotionally intelligent than the average person you meet at a party. The average person you meet at a party who assumes you are dumb because you are a model, arghhh If I were dropped in an unfamiliar city and didn't speak the language, and had to make three appointments in different neighbourhoods, I'd want a model helping me figure out the public transportation, not an urban planning Ph.

That said, models definitely say awesomely dumb things sometimes. Like, a few weeks ago, one announced, apropos of nothing, "You know, models are in, like, the five percent of people who look like models.