What do obese people look like

In , for instance, researchers at Boston University School of Medicine reported that healthy, middle-aged adults with increased abdominal fat tend to have slightly lower overall brain volume. There were also some hints from animal studies. Hence her experiment with the treasure hunt. Sure enough the obese participants found it particularly difficult to remember the location of the different objects — adding some important evidence for her hypothesis, and supporting earlier findings that indirectly linked obesity to impairments of cognitive function.

Unhealthy eating can age the brain, accelerating the natural cognitive decline by 10 years Credit: Getty Images. More recently, a brain scanning study including more than participants confirmed that being overweight or obese is associated with a greater degree of age-related brain degeneration. These effects were biggest in middle-aged people, in whom the obesity-related changes corresponded to an estimated increase in 'brain age' of 10 years. Obesity is a complex condition with many contributing factors, however; so exactly how it might affect brain structure and function is still unclear.

Inflammation is another potential culprit. Psychologists from the University of Arizona examined data from more than 20, participants in the English Longitudinal Ageing Study , in which measures of memory, BMI, and blood plasma levels of an inflammatory marker called C-reactive protein were collected every 2 years between and They found that greater body mass was associated with a decline in memory function, and also with higher levels of the inflammatory protein.

Although these links are indirect, the results suggest that brain inflammation is one plausible mechanism by which differences in body mass might influence cognitive function in otherwise healthy, aging adults. This should be of particular concern, given recent evidence that the path between memory and obesity may go both ways, as attention and memory control our appetite and eating behaviour.

In other words, a deficit in your memory could cause you to gain weight. Early evidence that memory plays an important role in eating behaviour came from a study showing that patients with severe amnesia will readily eat multiple meals one after the other , because they could not remember that they had just eaten.

People with amnesia tend to overeat, suggesting that a good memory of our last meal may curb hunger pangs Credit: Getty Images. Robinson and his colleagues recruited 48 overweight or obese people and invited them to eat lunch in the lab. Public transport is a nightmare. You need two seats on an plane. But a big body has just as much right as a smaller body. I used to hate it. It would help if there were fat dolls out there for kids.

Dolls like Barbie, have a totally unattainable shape. It kind of grew on me.

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When I finally became happy with where I was, when I stopped always trying to improve, that made a big difference. My partner helped loads as well. You can be really big, and not as healthy as you should be. For my mental health and my physical health, which are almost the same thing. I felt that I was ugly and my self-worth was really low because I got bullied a lot. I developed and came out of myself a bit in my later teens. Fat activism is about liberating fat people from social norms, and the discrimination and negativity that comes alongside that.

We want society to accept us as human beings whose worth is not defined by weight, appearance or health. Then I discovered Instagram. I wake up and see myself as this normal person. But I was made to feel that there was something wrong.

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A few years ago, I started feeling a growing sense of anger. Muscular guys and tall guys look like they could protect you. Fat guys look like slobs who you need to feed a lot. Are you replying to me? Maybe this could be somewhat analogous to the fact that shortness can be seen as an attractive quality in women, but never in men.

Overweight and pregnant

Thanks, AW. I only meant that men can use weight to their advantage in a way. Probably could have been worded differently. AW, I think you are right that men value looks more than women do and it can be explained via evolution because men only care about the best genetics for their offspring symmetrical face, eyc whereas women actually have to raise the kid and so care more about status and whether the father will stick around or not. This may explain why men are less tolerant of fat women than women are of fat men. There was a recent Quillette article about this.

Not seeing the upside. Bumble Bee: While it is true that some long married woman do not much mind a fat husband so long as he is a good husband and the reverse if often not true ; generally women underestimate how much weight and looks effect men today. Men generally like women and sex and generally get less of it if they are not as fit and attractive.

At the same time they hide their own booze, weed, and Rx drug habits very carefully. I think all people have intrinsic value. I do not think that an obese person has no value. I also think they are making decisions that are risking their health.

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  8. And I do not find them attractive. My sister was morbidly obese and never could do anything about it. She developed postmenopausal uterine cancer but was unaware of her hugely swollen uterus because she was so fat. Then she hemorrhaged and nearly died. She was stage 4, multiple metastases. Chemo and radiation were brutal, gave her a miserable extra year of life. She died at Excessive fat tissue secretes too much estrogen which can lead to hormone sensitive cancers.

    This lady defending obesity is just sad. And wrong. It is a problem for others to be seated on a plane or bus next to a very obese person. They should be required to pay for two seats. Or is that discrimination? Unlike my sister, I have watched what I eat and exercised all my life.

    Obesity and Arthritis | Obesity

    The genetic propensity is there. Gardner — sorry about your sister. Given the general quality of your comments, however, I would definitely vote to have you as a guest speaker.

    Myth 2: ‘Being overweight isn’t that bad for you’

    You need to start advocating free college, free healthcare, open borders, blank slates, checking privilege, and 12 years until we melt if you are ever going to make it big. Especially women who suffer sexual abuse often overeat to handle their fear and stress about that, and also as protection, to appear undesirable.

    Obesity and walking

    Your suggestion is disgusting. Not even a bona fide psychiatrist would make such a leap based on such little info.

    Many turn to overeating, and drink or drugs. The fact is, females DO overeat to make themselves feel less desirable. Your disgust changes nothing. Many, like White, become prone to binge-eating. Others willfully put on weight to desexualize, in the hope that what happened to them as children will never happen again.